Yasmen Bagh

Chief People Officer

As CPO and Operations Manager of UBSNA, Ms. Bagh has dedicated herself for the last 2 years to reinforce the exceptional quality UBSNA was founded on. Focused on growing staff to match the pace of the Inc.  500 Company, Yasmen ensures the positive experience of our customers by working to meet a diverse set of needs and superior standards within the industry.
Yasmen graduated from Rutgers University-Business School with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Yasmen has worked with AmeriCorps as part of the New Jersey Community Water Watch to provide public schools environmental awareness outreach programs and raise visibility of severe water contamination plaguing the state. Accomplished in humanitarian efforts, Yasmen has worked with the Circassian Benevolent Association since 2006, currently sitting on its Executive Board.  She is a Founding Member of PACE Charity. With the Circassian Benevolent Association Yasmen stands as Chairman of the Amin Samkough School working to provide the Circassian community with cultural and religious education and improved visibility among surrounding areas, the highlight of this being the sponsored construction of a community playground in Wayne, NJ. Most recently she has taken point personally organizing a collaborative effort between both organizations to sponsor a forthcoming journey to Jordan with the purpose of providing aid to Syrian Refugees seeking asylum there. ​
Professionally Ms. Bagh has established herself within the industry embodying the UBSNA motto of “Getting it done” within the company. Early in her career Yasmen gained valuable experience working with different public and private companies, unions and non-profit organizations. Adept and versed with managerial experience Yasmen commands a mastery of administrative leadership.  Fostering an infrastructure valuable to staff and customers alike, Yasmen has tied together her passion for helping others with her position in the company to provide a personal dialogue unique to UBSNA.
Yasmen‘s high standards ensure the continuation of excellence and affordability expected by our customers and Founder Abraham Thomas alike.